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Summer Fitness: 8 Tips on How to Keep Your Body Beach Ready

April 25, 2024SuperPistachios

Are you still holding on the holiday pounds that you have gained over the winter season? The bikini season is here and if summer has found you unprepared, then this is probably the best time for you to pay attention to your look. Summer is one of the world’s most beautiful seasons- warm and breezy weather, holidays, colorful clothes and so much more. However, this season can be frustrating when you have extra pounds showing up. Throw away your baggy clothes and find out how you stay in shape this summer.

Keep yourself accountable. Doing a food diary is perhaps the most effective accountability tool when you are trying to lose weight. It is a good way of raising a person’s awareness on what, how much and why he eats. Weight loss isn’t only about avoiding ice cream and pastries; it is also about making a connection between your feelings, thoughts and patterns when you eat.

Focus on your food. When you are munching food in front of the television or while driving, you don’t become aware of how much you are eating. Oftentimes, you end up scraping the bottom of the ice cream container or taking the last crumbs in the bag of chips even before realizing that you are at the bottom already. Try to eat only at designated places. Food is something that has to be enjoyed.

Use smaller plates and utensils. If you eat from a salad plate, your eyes will see a plate that is full of food and then tells your brain that your body is getting a good portion. But the same amount of food will look smaller on a large plate. The space on the bigger plate may be interpreted as feeling of emptiness in the stomach, making you unsatisfied and craving for more.

Go for healthy snacks. Here are some recommended carbohydrates and protein combos for healthy snacking.

  • Greek style yoghurt
  • Nutrition bars with protein
  • Apple in almond/peanut butter
  • Handful of pistachios or almonds
  • Low fat strong cheese wedges with whole grain crackers

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Hydrating the body properly will help you shed some pounds and enhance metabolism. Make sure you hydrate yourself with no calorie beverages like plain water, seltzer and club soda. Punch a bit of flavor by adding a splash of 100% fruit juice, cucumber slices, fresh berries or a slice of lime, lemon or orange.

Eat more produce. Fruits and vegetables are low-calorie foods that are also nutritious and filling. They are loaded with fiber and water content so it is a good way of satisfying your appetite without overindulging. Aim for four to six cups of fruits and veggies daily to help in body contouring.

Move some more. Moving breaks throughout the day will improve circulation, enhance metabolism and boost stamina. Experts suggest taking movement breaks every 60 to 90 minutes. Examples include shoulder rolls, walking, standing, and doing chair dips or lunges to help in body contouring.

Tone muscle and shed that fat. Toned muscles are not only great for basking under the sun but they also have lasting effects as you age. For those with stubborn areas around the hips and thighs which don’t respond well to a healthy diet and exercise, try the Zerona laser fat removal and non invasive treatment that helps you lose inches even without the surgical methods. Zerona Laser procedure utilizes the laser technology that emulsifies fat and moves it to interstitial space. This laser fat removal treatment only takes about 40 minutes every other day for two weeks.

Everybody has their own opinion about losing weight. Only you know what works for your body.

Source by Karen Albright